Food & Drink Menu


Soft Drinks, 3


Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist


Juices, 5





Coffee, 3

Decaf, 3

Tea, 3

Signature Cocktails

Wine-Tini, 13

Cosomo-style martini made with Feather Glass Vodka Topped with red wine

Midnight Bliss, 14

Feather Glass Vodka, Our Sharara, lemon & soda

Featherita, 13

Tequila, agave nectar and lime juice topped with our house merlot

Feather Glass Old Fashion, 14

Feather Glass Bourbon, aromatic bitters & orange

Don’t Drink too much, 13

Feather Glass Rum, pineapple juice, Cranberry Wine & Blanc De Fleur Mead

Crimson Rosy Lemonade, 14

Feather Glass Vodka, Riesling, Cranberry Juice & lemonade

Signature Mimosas

By the Glass, 9

Choose from: Orange, Pineapple or Seasonal

Bottomless, 29

Brunch ONLY (Sat/Sun, 10am-2pm): Orange, Pineapple or Seasonal

Signature Sangrias

By the Glass, 8

Choose from: Red, White, or Rose

Pitcher, 28

Choose from: Red, White or Rose

Flight, 18

One of each: Red, White, or rose


Berry Berry Sour, 8

Fruited sour with hints of graham crackers and milk sugar

Long Road Home, 7

Vienna Lager, malty and smooth

Indian Fire Pale Ale, 7

Indian Inspired crafty Pale Ale with hints of coriander

Kaleidoscope, 7

IPA – American, grapefruit, peach and pine aroma forward

The Ranchero, 7

Mexican Style Lager

Four Pack
(Carry-Out Only), 24

Pick your favorite or Mix and Match!


(On the rocks)

Vodka, 13

Gin, 13

Rum, 13

Tequila, 12

Bourbon, 15

Spike Coffee

Irish Latte, 8

Irish liqueur with our Indian inspired spiced coffee

Vernon Bourbon, 10

Hot brewed coffee with our house Bourbon

Holiday Anyday, 8

Peppermint and coffee, holiday galore

Coffeetini, 15

Nothing better than a Coffee Martini

Ginger Snapper, 8

Ginger Schnapps and coffee concoction