Food & Drink Menu

Quick Bites

All Quick Bite Meals comes with a side

Choose any one from the following: Street Potatoes, Seasoned Beans or Fruits

Naan-nini, 14

Marinated chicken Arugula, pickled onions and smoked Gouda in Grilled Naan drizzled with Rosemary Lemon Aioli

Chicken Sliders, 14

Tandoor style marinated chicken thinly sliced and topped with Pico De Gallo, Cilantro and house Sriracha Aioli

Naan BLT, 15

Smoked Bacon seasoned with Garam Masala, Romaine lettuce, Tomatoes, drizzled with our house Aioli

Tikka Taco Entrée

Panner, 14        Chicken, 15        Steak, 17

3 Tacos stuffed with our marinated meats or Paneer

Salads/ Soup

Add Seasoned Chicken, 4 or Shrimp, 5 to any Salads

Drunken Beets and Feta, 13

Red wine marinated beets, Feta cheese and Walnuts, Baby Spinach and Arugula tossed with Indian style Italian dressing

Wholesome Hearty Salad, 15

Assorted chickpeas, kidney beans, moong grains, red onions and grape tomatoes tossed with house cilantro dressing served over bed of mixed greens

Twisted Caesar Salad, 15

Romaine, Baby Kale, grated Parmesan and our house seasoned tandoori croutons gives this Classic Caesar Salad a flavorful twist

Strawberries & Cream Salad, 15

Handcrafted tossed salad with a creamy strawberry-based vinaigrette dressing

Seasonal Soup

Cup, 5        Bowl, 8

Flatbreads, 16

Add Chicken or Sausage, 3

Mumbai Style

Mozzarella cheese, Pico De Gallo and topped with shredded carrots

Tomato Mozzarella

Tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and house seasonings


Feta Cheese, olives, red onions, chopped pistachios and house seasonings

Happy Hour

Monday – Thursday, 4pm – 6pm

$5 Beer

Indian Fire Ale

Long Road Home

$6 Wine & Cocktails

Pierre Deliz Blanc De Blanc

Soul Tree Sauvignon Blanc

Frisk Prickly Riesling

Christopher Michael Cabernet Sauvignon

Twilight Zone Cocktail made with Vodka

Blushing gimlet Cocktail made with Gin

$10 Apps

Tikka Tacos, Paneer

Tikka Tacos, Chicken

Shrimp Cocktail Ceviche

Paneer Quesadillas

Bacon Apple Crostini

Chorizo Stuffed Dates


Feather Glass Board, 25

Assorted Cheeses and meats served with candied pecans, marinated olives, dates, fresh fruits, crackers and marmalade

Choose any 4 from:
Cheese Options: Goat, Smoked Gouda, Fontina
Meat Options: Salami, Prosciutto

Salmon Share, 26

Smoked Salmon, red onions, radishes, cucumbers, arugula, marinated olives, capers and lemon. Served with baguette & Dill Spread


Tirana Platter, 13

Three unique and flavorful sauces – roasted red pepper, spinach, and warm white cheese with herbs. Served with our house seasoned Naan

Paneer Palak Bites, 14

Paneer cheese simmered in garlic and butter, topped with white wine spinach sauce, served over toasted baguettes

Hummus Boat, 12

Roasted Beet, Cauliflower & Black Chickpea hummuses made to perfection with our house blend seasonings. Served with vegetables and warm naan

Seared Quesadillas

Veggie, 15 / Chicken, 16

Stuffed with cheese, house chipotle aioli and choice of vegetarian or chicken

Add Fresh Guacamole, 4

Specials of the Month

Wines of the month
Tastings of the month
Chef’s specials of the month

Ask one of our team members for details

Lettuce Bhurji
Paneer, 13 or Chicken, 15

Fresh lettuce leaves served with ground paneer or chicken seasoned to perfection with smokey Indian spices and Mint and sweet sauces

Full Plates

Paneer Roasted Ravioli, 18

Paneer stuffed ravioli with tomato cream sauce and Indian spices, sprinkled with fresh herbs. Served with our warm house Naan

Chicken Kabobs, 19

Marinated chicken, onions and peppers served over our house seasoned rice, drizzled with our roasted garlic Sriracha Aioli

Apple Glazed Pork Loin, 19

Apple glazed seared and baked tender served with house seasoned rice and balsamic glazed carrots

Served Cilantro Scallops, 28

Butter seared scallops infused with white wine and garlic rosemary sauce served with mashed potatoes and balsamic glazed carrots

Classic Steak, 38

Ask our team member about this month’s cut
Seared & baked with fresh herbs and garlic served with mashed potatoes & balsamic glazed carrots


Irresistible Chocolate Cake, 9

Cheesecake of the month, 10


Side Salad, 5
Street Potatoes, 4
Seasonal Fruits, 5

Seasoned Beans, 3
Mashed Potatoes, 5
House Rice, 5

Naan, 3
Glazed Carrots, 4


Served every Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 2pm


In India scrambled eggs are called Bhurjis. Our Bhurjis (scrambled eggs) are made with subtle hints of Indian spices and served with street potatoes and seasonal fruits.
Add Sausage or Bacon, 3 / Add fresh Guacamole, 4

Cheese-A-Licious, 12

Soft and fluffy Bhurji topped with assorted cheeses

India’s Favorite, 13

Onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro topped with fresh Pico De Gallo

Superpower, 14

Sausage and bacon topped with assorted cheeses and sliced avocado

Aladdin Style, 14

Onions and olives topped with our olive medley and feta cheese


Fluffy, velvety eggs cooked to perfection and served with street and season fruits.
Add Sausage or Bacon, 3
Add fresh Guacamole, 4

The Cheesy Mess, 14

Fluffy omelet loaded with house blend cheeses, topped with more cheese

Street Omelet, 15

This Mumbai style omelet gives your morning a kick. Made with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and Indian spices, topped with fresh Cilantro.

Meats and Cheese, 17

Fluffy omelet made with sausage, bacon and assorted cheese, seasoned just right

The Power of Greens, 16

Fluffy omelet made with spinach, chopped onions and mushrooms topped with fresh arugula and goat cheese


Loaded French Toast, 15

Our delicious French toast is stuffed with house whipped cream and seasonal fruits

Breakfast Tacos, 15

Three soft tacos stuffed with scrambled eggs, seasoned beans and cheeses


Classic crepes, 12

Simple crepes with creamy Nutella spread served with warm syrup and shipped cream

Crepe-A-Dilla, 14

Soft buttery crepes stuffed quesadilla style with vegetables and assorted cheeses

Fruits Galore, 14

Simple delicious crepes stuffed with Nutella, seasonal fruits and whipped crea


Prices are subject to change without any prior notices