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Sip, Swirl, Savor— Are you for red or for white?


Nothing lifts the spirits quite like curling up with a glass of superb wine as winter is strong in Vernon Hills. We’ll taste two exceptional wines for seasonal sips that will brighten your winter evenings: 1.) the deep, velvety Feather Glass Merlot and 2.) the fresh, energizing Sauvignon Blanc. Prepare to savor the ideal fusion of flavors as we go through Vernon Hills’ best wine selections for the winter of 2024.


Sauvignon Blanc: one of India’s best wines, Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully crisp and refreshing. It tastes herbal, is crisp and dry, and smells like bell peppers and freshly cut grass. It also has a nice acidity that makes your mouth feel good. It tastes great with both hot and creamy foods. This white wine’s bright acidity and zesty citrus flavor are like a palate-awakening winter wake-up call. The adaptable wine that perfectly balances winter flavors is Sauvignon Blanc, whether you’re having a fun get-together or spending a calm evening by the fireplace.


Feather Glass Merlot: A Velvet Embrace has lovely fresh fruit tastes like cherry and plum, as well as hints of fragrant herbs. It’s smooth and has a light body that ends with a nice, juicy taste and soft tannins. This velvety red wine warms you from the inside out with its silky texture and delightful aromas of dark berries. Feather Glass Merlot is the height of winter elegance, perfect for enjoying on its own or to mix with heavy winter cuisine.


In Vernon Hills, winter is a time to treat yourself, and these top wine picks are r noj eady to make your holiday parties even better. Each sip of the aromatic Sauvignon Blanc or the rich Feather Glass Merlot takes you on a trip through the full range of winter flavors. Cover up, pour a glass, and let the warmth of these great wines get you through the cold nights. Glass of drinks you’ll never forget!

Ready to experience the winter warmth in every sip? Visit us at 700 N Milwaukee Ave. #130  to explore the curated selection of wines, including the indulgent Feather Glass Merlot. Your winter wine adventure awaits; reserve your table now and elevate your seasonal celebrations. Cheers!

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